Speaker Coaching with Nick Scott

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Work with Nick Scott One on One!

  • Timeframe: 3 Months
  • Guaranteed to Speak at an event or your money back!
  • 30-60 minute phone call every 2 weeks
  • Weekly Email Check-Ups

People spend years reading books, taking courses, and watching educational videos in hopes of becoming prolific public speakers. Still, with all of their efforts, speaking engagements remain far and few. Why is that?

The reality is that becoming a notable public speaking who often receives invitations for work is a matter of convincing potential clients to see you in action. Nick Scott is one who uses the benefit of contacts to the fullest and always finds himself booked for a seminar. His skills are just what you need to put your public speaking career in overdrive.

Having contacts means nothing without the right words.

You can have all of the right people in your address book and still miss out on speaking engagements and bundles of money. "Why is this," you ask. The answer is seven-fold.

A client who is interested in your services:
  • Needs to hear your pitch. 
  • Wants to know how much you charge without all of the fluff. 
  • Should understand that they are responsible for all of your travel expenses. 
  • Deserves written documentation that includes a contract and invoice scheme.
  • May be interested in learning more about other services surrounding your initial speaking engagement. 
  • Will gladly support your cause by setting up a table so that you can market your books, DVDs, and other products. 

Nick Scott can help you navigate the way of negotiation in a way that presents your persona as professional yet relaxed. You do not want them to think that you are a pushover, but you also do not want to come off as overbearing. Understanding and exhibiting the balance of consultation is a skill that Nick demonstrates well, which is why he helps clients choose the right words when brokering gigs.

First, there's traveling and then there's speaking.

You cannot render your presentation on the East coast if you do not have travel plans to get you there from the Western hemisphere. Understanding the essentials of travel, such as discounts associated with frequent flying and points systems at extended-stay hotels, is what Nick teaches during his educational sessions. He can show you the best way to arrive in style without burning a hole through your wallet.

Of course, there's no purpose in arriving in style without having the preparation and speaking skills to deliver. Nick Scott can teach you how to captivate the crowd by using perfect pitch and tempo. He can also reveal other key elements of public speaking and technological preparation (i.e., PowerPoint compatibility, device hook-ups, and backup laptops) that makes your presentation a winner from start to finish.

You need Nick on your side.

Building a successful public speaking career is more than a matter of wishful thinking. Nick Scott can help you negotiate, seal the deal, travel, and present your next gig like a true professional.

Save yourself time and money by investing in a one-on-one session with Nick. He is the real deal and will coach you to be one of the best.

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