How To Become A Speaker Course

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Have you always wanted to learn how to become a public speaker? Perhaps your dream has always been to be a professional speaker who gets paid for speaking? Don’t fret. The good news is anyone can learn how to become a professional speaker.

You can now make that dream become a reality by learning from one of the best speakers in the business, Nick Scott. He will teach you how to make an impact with your words, and get paid for it. Whether you want to learn how to deliver moving speeches, engage in a political debate or pursue a career as a motivational speaker, you will discover it in this course. 

Here are some of the benefits of becoming a speaker:

  • Learning public speaking will boost your confidence. You will now overcome all the fears and insecurities associated with public speaking.
  • Learning public speaking will improve your communication skills. You will learn the best persuasive strategy and how to incorporate the proper diction in your speeches. 
  • Learning public speaking teaches you how to connect with your audience. You will learn how to gauge your audience and make a connection. 
  • Learning public speaking teaches you how to make social connections. You will learn how to make yourself approachable to people. 

Why us?

  • A seasoned speaker will train you. Nick has 16+ years of experience and delivered over 1000+ speeches.
  • You can access our course anytime and anywhere. All our courses are available online.
  • Pay only one price and access over 21 lessons.  Learn how to draft your biography, resume (or CV), know how many speeches you need, and more. 
  • Listen to lessons while even you are stuck in traffic.  All our lessons have an audio version that you can play from your car radio.

Courses Include 21 Lessons (1 hour, 53 minutes):

  • Lesson #1: Resume & CV (4:37)
  • Lesson #2: Biography (3:01)
  • Lesson #3: Media Kit (5:22)
  • Lesson #4: Why You Need A Website (3:10)
  • Lesson #5: Where To Get A Website (2:01)
  • Lesson #6: Programs (2:30)
  • Lesson #7: Who is the Client (6:25)
  • Lesson #8: 100,000+ Contacts (0:25)
  • Lesson #9: How Much (4:56)
  • Lesson #10: Speak For Free (2:52)
  • Lesson #11: What Do You Say To Clients To Get Booked (10:10)
  • Lesson #12: Gmail & Mail Merge (8:06)
  • Lesson #13: What is your Message (17:22)
  • Lesson #14: How Many Topics Do You Need (5:42)
  • Lesson #15: How To Speak (9:04)
  • Lesson #16: How Long is a Speech (4:31)
  • Lesson #17: Issues (6:49)
  • Lesson #18: Stage Fright (6:26)
  • Lesson #19: Testimonials (2:41)
  • Lesson #20: Extra Tips (4:43)
  • Lesson #21: Congratulations (2:23)
  • ALL Lessons: Audio Version (1 hour 53 minutes) 

All Videos

  • Professionally Edited
  • Subtitled
  • Condensed
  • Not Dragged Out
  • Gets to the Point
  • Converted to Audio Version! 

100,000 Contacts!

  • $30,000+ Value!
  • 1 Speaking Engagement can get you paid $500-$5,000+ from just 1 contact

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