Nick Scott's 14 Week Diet - Contest Prep

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Did you ever wonder what Nick Scott's diet was? What Nick was eating? How much cardio Nick was doing? How much water Nick was drinking? And... especially what Nick did the last few days before he went on stage? Well, here you go!

Who is Nick Scott

  • WCBB Chairman
  • Olympia Pro Wheelchair Director
  • Arnold Classic Pro Wheelchair Chairman
  • Former #1 IFBB Professional League Wheelchair Bodybuilder
  • Competed & Guest Pose at 250+ Events, Schools, Colleges, and more around the World!
  • Master Level Trainer
    • 10 Fitness Certifications
    • Certified in ISSA & NASM
  • 2-Time World Powerlifting Champion
  • Professional Wheelchair Ballroom Dancer

Program Includes:

  • 14 Week Diet of Nick Scott's Contest Prep
  • 14 Week Cardio Program of Nick Scott's Contest Prep
  • 14 Week Water intake of Nick Scott's Contest Prep
  • Carbohydrate Loading Phase before his competition
  • How much water he reduced for his competition
  • Nick's diet during Show Day- Before prejudging, after prejudging, and up through finals
  • and much more!

Diet Program:
14 Weeks

Cardio Program:
14 Weeks

Water Program:
14 Weeks

Carbohydrate Loading Phase:
The correct way to Carb load for show day when competing


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